My Journey


Rajiv Sankarlall - I grew up in a house of violent alcoholic abuse that made me question my place in this world and the values and beliefs we hold so dear fast forward a fews after this I lost everything in the crash of 2008... With nothing left to loose, I embarked on a journey, alone into the depth of the world from its dark underbelly to heights of the Himalayas. I travelled far and wide studying with different Gurus, Monks, Spiritual Masters. Learning about what life really about underneath it all, about compassion and fellowship with our brothers and sisters, about spreading the light within us, thats been dormant out into the world!

For a tree's branches to reach heaven, its roots must go down to the depths of hell, Only by facing my own shadow was I truly able to live a wonderful and blessed life! I would love to help you live the same! Life is too small to not reach for your dreams! 

Sovereign Leader Program


This is blending years of deep mystical study with a wealth of wisdom gathered, utilized and actualized from the personal development space to transform your life and live truer, healthier and more congruent with your path with passion and energy! Seize control of your life!

This technique has been used on world leaders, spiritual leaders, royalty, Entrepreneurs, CEOs, and so on! 

"Someone called me with there life hanging in the balance from dealing with utter darkness during this life or death moment. The Sovereign Leader Technique was created" - Rajiv


Give yourself the gift of booking a complimentary assessment to develop a benchmark on where you are in life today and start the process of developing a clear path for where you want to be in life!