4 Week Immersion Online Mindfulness Meditation Series

Starting February 19th 2019 and every Tuesday till March 12th 2019

Tune in on an Amazing 4 Week Online Mindfulness Meditation Series, This is the first one I’ve hosted online but I have been doing workshops around the world and teaching this for a decade now! The Workshop will be hosted via Zoom, from February 19th 2019 at 9pm Eastern / 7pm Mountain Time / 6pm Pacific Time every Tuesday Night ending with the last one on March 12th 2019!

Why Meditation is Important:

Do you want to build more self awareness, maybe have more inner peace, improve your sleep quality, control your emotional state by reducing stress, depression and anxiety, or even extend your lifespan?

Meditation is the practice of quieting the mind so that the rest of the mind can slow down and shut up, so that you can control how you react to the world and build a deep level of self awareness as to why you do the things you do and choose not to do them!

You will learn:

  • How to control your breathing.

  • How to quiet the mind.

  • How to tap into the inner peace within you.

  • Practical Skills and Tools you can use everyday control your state

  • Build new habits to forge a better quality life for yourself and others

  • and so much more!

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Online Meditation Series
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About Your Instructor:

Hi! I’m Rajiv but most people call me Raj, I have spent the last decade traveling the globe learning from different masters, gurus, teachers and learned individuals on several spiritual arts, started out the journey in Thailand living and learning among the monks in Buddhist Monastery up in the mountains of northern Thailand, later I travelled to the Himalayas as was ordained as a Buddhist Llama (monk) which I kept the vows for two years, all the time continuing to teach what i learned with my brothers and sisters around the world!

Currently I work with spiritual leaders and the United Nations hosting peace ceremonies and having interfaith dialog among religious communities spreading the message of unity and peace. I also have my coaching practice which I use to empower those that are seeking to take there life to the next level and step into the leader they always felt they were destined to become!

Denver Meetup Live Stream Party

Take Root in Denver Colorado will be hosting a live stream special circle for those in the are that would like to meditate in a group of like minded individuals.

Phone: 303-993-4575
4907 W 29th Ave., 
Denver, CO 80212


Hold Yourself To a New Standard in 2019!

Online Meditation Series
97.00 147.00
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