Only by envisioning a Life You are proud of, a life that pulls You in Direction of your Dreams, then You will be Free!


The Journey


From Meditating in the  Great Pyramids of Giza to Scaling the Himalayas, working with the United Nations and studying with the best in the world to then addressing world leaders!  



Taking Everything I've learned from my time on the road. Studying from ancient wisdom and updating it with cutting edge knowledge. Lets Grow and Create Massive Impact together!

Create Impact


We are all here for a purpose and that purpose is for the betterment of ourself and the world, to raise humanity forward. Only through coming together as the Tribe of Humanity will things shift!

“Raj helped me through the darkest time in my life, when I wanted to check out he facilitated me to find purpose in my life again by putting my identity back together”

Your Meditation Starter Pack!

Introducing these Brand New never before released  

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Make Waves and Create Impact in this World

The world is waking up, with each day new thought forms are being birthed into existence, new technology, new science, new ideas, new life is being born each day, I am on the mission to awaken, to lift up, to raise the vibration and frequency of this world and the amazing souls in it here to show you that you are worth, you are powerful , you are everything this world may have told you, you are not, you are powerful behind measure, follow your dreams, unlock your mind, and tap into who you really are. This pursuit of fulfillment, this constant striving for betterment for my brothers and sisters has lead me around the world, working with the most beautiful and uplifting souls on the planet to create impact and leave this world in a better place than we found it and embodying the golden rule! 

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