You are Love, You are the universe made manifest, too often in life we are put down, we are beat down, we are attacked on all fronts, stop believing in who we really are under all the baggage and clutter of life, it creates blocks in our energy, it create thought forms in our mind that work against us, and unless we actively take time to remove and gain control of our life, it stacks and we begin to spiral and struggle, thats why I've created this category for you!

Life Immersion Transformations aka LIT Sessions are the right thing for you to start and get perspective. Blending Energy and ancient wisdom with cutting edge techniques from the personal development space to help you breakthrough and begin the process to let go and heal your life!


90 Minute Session - Private One on One Session


Deep Cleaning & Exploration Session - If this is your first time booking, this is highly recommended to you, We will sit with your energy begin the work of scanning, exploring and clearing the blocks, and energetic trash that you may have picked up and compounded over the years, for better mental cognition, connecting back to essence, grounding, energetic flow.

Recommended for : 

  • Clearing and Cleaning Energetic Blocks
  • Gaining Clarity on Challenges in your life
  • Seeking Wisdom and Guidance 
  • Awakening the Fire within you again
  • One on One Mentorship Training

I recommend you start here in your 1st steps on the journey we will be taking together!

Price is based on a pay scale system, pay what you want between the ranges!   

LOCK in Session

60 Minute Session - Private One on One Session

Similar to the 90 minute session, this is geared for more ongoing work, to better connect and ground the energy within your both, to connect to guidance and continue the work to continue to flow and function happily and healthily 

Recommended for :

  • Mentorship Training
  • Cleaning and Maintenance of the Energetic Body
  • Seeking Wisdom and Guidance to create Clarity in your life
  • Growing the fire within you even stronger

I recommend this for ongoing work, to grow and cultivate your strongest attributes!

Price is based on a pay scale system, pay what you want between the ranges!

Lock in Session

Full/Half Day Immersions or Group Work

If you are interested in doing group work with your teams, with large groups of your friends and family, and want to host something more personal and tailored to your needs this is package for you! 

Types of Workshops:

  • Building your Core Energy and Lighting the Fire within
  • Protecting and Shielding from mental and metaphysical attacks
  • Awakening to Stillness (Meditation Series)
  • Creating a dialog of love for yourself and others
  • Healing through Energy
  • Journey through the Archetypes
  • Placing your Sovereign (King/Queen) on the Throne
  • Exploration into Awakened Consciousness
  • And Much More...

Please Email first about your outcomes before booking this package!

Lock in Session

Inside each and everyone of us is a fire that when unleashed can light up the world! all we need do is realize who we really are!

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