The Archetype Journey Program



Eagle Guidance Totem

From Above the Eagle has the best view of the land and surroundings, The Eagle Package is designed to be a premium experience where we work on all areas of your life, Starting with mindset and personal sovereignty then expanding and looking the entire lay of the land and the map to plot a better course and see obstacles before it happens, this then transitions to your company and employees, designing new structures to best serve and optimize company growth and nurture company culture.  

Business overview, strategic partnering, taking brands global, building media and designing new systems and organizational structures to the organization

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Lion Guidance Totem

The King / Queen of the Jungle, are you sitting on the throne of your sovereign lands, are you a leader or a leader in training. Are you the CEO of a company or Influencer looking to make an impact the world, it’s time to step into your lion/lioness and take control of your domain!

CEO Coaching, Influencer Coaching , Owning all there archetypes to step into the light and impact the masses in a much larger way with higher cash flow and resources.

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Bear Guidance Totem

Large, Powerful, Pure Strength and determined, calm and collected. The Bear will protect its family like no other! The Bear package is for those that owning their warrior, those that in the building stage of life, works with a small close knit team, but has will power and drive to become larger than life!

Intermediate package - small business owners - startups -  etc

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Wolf Guidance Totem

In Native American cultures the wolf symbolizes pure spirit, guardian, instinct and intuition. Maybe there are times in your life you have been called to a purpose greater than yourself a sense to run with the pack but are not quite sure how to close that gap, not quite sure what that means and looks like. The Wolf package is the first step on that journey!

Sovereign Coaching, Sovereign Integration, Identity restructuring, 2 calls

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World Bearer Turtle - Invite Only 

The Turtle is one of the oldest living animals on the planet, this brings with it ancient wisdom, perseverance, the ability to withstand the tides and also the knowing to swim with the currents. The World Bearer Turtle Package is an invite only program, ONLY for those that are already on the path to creating radical change and impacting in the world.

The liberation of humanity, leading nations, ancient wisdom, ancient guidance, creating social, ecological, fiscal changes for the betterment of all life, all working in unison! Currently working with Chiefs', Kings, Thought Leaders, Influencers, philanthropists to bring peace, unity and love globally.  

Which Animal Spirit is Calling to You?

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