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Immortal Coaching is a coaching and consulting company formed between Richard Batey and Rajiv Sankarlall. Designed with the purpose to empower and shift your thinking to assist in achieving the life you deserve.

We all have dreams and goals of things we want to bring into reality, whether is be to breathe life into passion project and showcase it to the world, Creating a business around an Idea you had stored away for a while, or simply creating a better quality life for you and those closest to you!

Why shouldn't you have these things?

Why shouldn't you have a life that you deserve and live at a higher standard?

Maybe all you need is someone to give you a reassurance that your goals are achievable, Maybe you are missing the right strategy to bring that idea into reality, and above all maybe you are missing someone in your life that will hold you accountable to making sure you follow through on implementation of strategy 

That why we formed this company to help you unlock your true potential! 

The Team

Richard Batey - Carlisle Local, With over 25years of Entrepreneurial Business experience he created several profitable businesses in several different industries, he brings a unique perspective and innovate thinking on implementation of ideas into profitable viable business. 

Rajiv Sankarlall - An American Based Strategic Consultant who for over a decade has travelled the globe advising Governments, Celebrities, Business owners, Spiritual Leaders and array of individuals in between through Critical Thinking and Innovative Strategies to improve their quality of life to a new standard! He is currently holds positions on the board of advisors to several companies in the US and International. 


The Power to Shape Your Realty is exactly as it says, You were drawn to this event because you know inside that there are things in your life that either aren't where they need to be or you aren't where you need to be. 

What we will be covering in the workshop

  • Work on Specific Outcomes to bring it into the world
  • The Power of Thoughts and how they shape life around you
  • An Amazing new peer group of likeminded individuals
  • A Better and Clear Strategy for bringing your idea into reality
  • An Accountability Buddy to make sure you get shit done!
  • Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!
  • AND A Special Guest Keynote Speaker Skyping in from the US, one of the best peak performance coaches in the world

About The Keynote Speaker

Michael J Savage - Master Coach for the Anthony Robbins Companies. Michael is one of the leading if not the best in the industry when it comes to the world of coaching, working with companies such as Zappos and Tesla. Advisor to some of the leading companies and hedge funds in the world. He will be skyping in to do a special keynote address to the select few who take this journey with us at The Power to Shape your Reality!



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