The Healer bracelet

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The Healer bracelet

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Do you feel called to this bracelet, "The Healer" within you is calling to you to tap into your gifts and your ability to connect and serve the world. This bracelet is great for protecting and amplifying while healing. 

The Stones used are as follows:

  • Quartzite used for clearing negativity and removing blocks, a family of clear quartz, for those that want to clear a path to making change in your life.

  • Green Aventurine is connected to the heart chakra, this stone is known as the good luck stone. 

  • Leopard Jasper, a strong protection and balancing stone, used to guard your energy against things that don't serve you and easing emotional stress

  • Hematite is used in this to guard and protect as well as calm stress and ground your energy while healing.

  • Amazonite is the stones that make up the back half of the bracelet, these are great for energy healing and chakra balancing

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