Tiger Eye's Guardian Power Necklace - Variant Two

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Tiger Eye's Guardian Power Necklace - Variant Two

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This stunning necklace is laced with several different stones and is quite a Power Housethat you will definitely not find anywhere else! a truly unique and stellar gift for yourself or someone special

The Stones used are as follows:

  • Tiger's eye is the center stone in this bracelet, assisting you to release fear, anxiety, aids in harmony and balance, allowing clarity to see the right choices and actions that needs to be taken!

  • Volcanic Lava Rock born from fire, this stone harnesses that power of fire to fan the flames of your passion, used for intense grounding and keep you connected with the earth, and creating a personal sacred space, clearing negativity from your environment, and also can be used with your favorite essential oils for an added boost.

  • Crackled Quartz considered to be the "holy water" of crystals is used to counteract negative energy that maybe sent your way, or used as energy activator to power you up in the direction of your goals and dreams while keeping you in positive state of mind.

  • White Crackle Agate a great ward against bad energy, healing inner anger and conflict, increased concentration and mental fortitude

  • Black Jasper is a highly protective stone used to ground you and keep you centered, especially for those that minds tend to wonder and lack focus. 

  • Hematite is used to absorb negative energy, calm stress and is very one of the most powerful protection stones, connected to the root chakra, helps keep you grounded which allows financial abundance to flow into your life.

  • Quartzite used for clearing negativity and removing blocks, a family of clear quartz, for those that want to clear a path to making change in your life.

  • Blue Goldstone was used throughout the body giving it a special glimmer and shine like no other. Blue Goldstone is used, like diamond is a great deflector of unwanted energy, and also is famous by actors and people of influence for granting you, your big break. 


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