The Shadow Has Something Important to share with You!

The Shadow Has Something Important to Share with You!

The Shadow is the side of ourselves that with judge, the side of ourselves that we disown, our negative emotional spectrum; Anger, Frustration, Abandonment, Rejection, Hurt, Trauma, Loneliness, etc. These emotions come up from time to time in our life and we think they don't serve us. They cripple us, or they keep us down and lost, if we stay with the shadow too long we lose interest in life, we become stagnant, the world doesn't feel as vibrant and vivid as it once did. 

In my own life I have been haunted by my shadow for most of life, times when it would cripple me, times when it would make me judge myself, and judge others, push everyone away. These negative emotions and feelings caused me many years of pain and suffering even though my life was fantastic, I would have the highest highs and the lowest lows.

Until one day I decided to stop fighting, to stop running, to stop and look in the mirror and sit with my shadow and begin a conversation. Start a dialog between this ball of "darkness" and myself. I sat with each emotion one by one and asked why am I feeling this way? What is it you are trying to tell me?

When we take the time to slow down, when we take the time to stop and be still with our emotional and feelings, to stop and let the thoughts come in one by one. Especially the ones' we judge the most, with all our darkness. Then we begin the process of true transcendence, and then we can let the shadow teach us where the pain stems from and go to the truth if this is true in our reality or not. 

I invite you right now to sit with you shadow, with one emotion that you maybe feeling, and go deep into the hurt, into the pain, into the sadness, into the anger, whatever you maybe feeling in this moment, or in a key moment or time that comes to you. Ask yourself where did this pain stem from? Ask yourself what lesson do I need to learn here still? Ask yourself where was the blessing in this? and then allow yourself to let it go and set it free once you get clarity, if you don't get clarity then go stay longer with it and go deeper. 

Please Post Comments down below on what came up for You!, I'd love to hear feedback!